Putting Your Employees' Health First: Three Pieces Of Industrial Equipment That Can Help

Posted on: 15 October 2015

Many industrial and manufacturing employees engage in work that could potentially cause their backs harm or hurt their health. If you want to put your employees' health and physical well-being first, here are three pieces of industrial equipment you should purchase and have installed.

Overhead Crane

These hydraulic lift cranes slide from side to side, carrying loads far too heavy for humans to be lifting. You can even get an overhead crane, like those found at http://amquipinc.com, that shifts from a side to side motion to a front and back motion, giving your employees more ways to move heavy objects and shipments around without hurting themselves. They only have to use the cables and straps to secure the loads to the crane's hook before hoisting the loads into the air and moving them to their ideal location. (Just make sure that all of the employees who will be operating the overhead crane have been effectively and properly trained on its use.)

Crane Forklift 

This a crane and forklift hybrid that helps your employees lift pallets of goods, supplies and materials into higher areas than a standard forklift could do alone. It removes the problem of how your employees will lift heavy things to higher warehouse storage shelves or to other stories of a building under construction (that are above the second story). It also stops the frequent trips your employees would have to make moving smaller batches of goods or supplies in their own arms or hands, thereby decreasing the aggressive force and pace at which they would have to move and decreasing the potential for injury.

Scissors Lift

Even better than a forklift for smaller batches of goods and supplies, a scissors lift drives like an open forklift but lifts your employees and the goods to new heights. The drop down and removable sides also make it easy for workers on the next level to use a manual forklift to remove the goods from the scissors lift and transport them to the next location. No heavy lifting is ever involved, and no one ever has to bend over, lift and twist repeatedly or aggressively or otherwise involve themselves in any situation where something could fall on them, drop on them or knock them over. A scissors lift is the best option for indoor lifting work and can be used outdoors too. However, in some contexts, a crane forklift may work better outdoors and definitely would be tricky working with a crane forklift inside.