3 Major Mistakes To Avoid With Your Exterior Holiday Lighting As A Retail Business Owner

Posted on: 22 September 2016

Every year from Halloween to New Years, the peak in retail business hits an all-time high, and that means you as a business owner will do all you can to put your store at front and center. Decking out the exterior of your business in holiday decor is an ideal way to put your store on display and keep customers reminded of the holidays. However, decorating the exterior of your business involves lights in a lot of cases, so that means electricity and electrical components are involved. While you want your store to be as bright and merry as the next, make sure you don't make these big mistakes with your exterior electrical holiday decor.

Don't use outdated electrical decorations. 

Those string lights you tucked away last year after the holiday season came to a close may look just fine for use, but before you go ahead and line the exterior of the building and wrap the trees, make sure these lights are not so outdated that they have electrical shortages and damage. In a business setting, it is usually best to invest in new holiday decor every season just to be safe. If you do use older electrical decor for the holidays, make sure you check it over thoroughly for signs of damage. 

Don't use interior decorations outdoors. 

In a retail setting, those holiday decorations you set up outside will likely be exposed to all kinds of weather, and they will be out for a while. So the last thing you need to do is use electrical decorations which are designed for indoor use. Lighting that is designed for indoor use will be more likely to be damaged by moisture over time and could eventually become a fire hazard. 

Don't rely too heavily on extension cords. 

Extension cords running from your business building will likely have to be used to power all those twinkling lights and light-up holiday displays outside. However, make sure you stay conscious of how to safely use extension cords. For example, don't overload one cord with too many decorations and make sure you are using the right type of cord for the task. 

In the end, decorating your store for the holidays is an easy way to market to your customers, but should be done properly. If you are ever in doubt about using a certain electrical component in your holiday dcor, contact a commercial electrician or company like ABC Electric Co for advice.