Answering Three of Your Water-Well Questions

Posted on: 22 September 2016

Wells can be a common option for homeowners that are needing to provide their home with water but lack access to a local water system. For those that have only recently moved into a home with one of these systems, it can be easy to be fairly uninformed about these complicated devices. In order to help you get the most from your well pump, you should consider the following few answers to routine questions about these water systems.

What Can Cause Your Water-Pressure Drop?

Sudden decreases in water pressure can be a common problem for well systems to experience. Sadly, there can be a number of different causes for this issue. In instances where there has not been much rain, the water level may have temporarily dropped. However, this issue can also be caused by a mechanical problem with the system's pump or the water level permanently dropping. For these reasons, you should contact a professional well technician if this problem persists once rainy weather returns to your area.

Will You Need to Test Your Water's Quality?

There is a particularly common misconception among some individuals that well water will always be safe to drink. However, there are some sources of contamination that can render your well's water unsafe to drink. For example, bacterial growths can pose a risk of causing severe illness, and chemical contaminants can cause poisoning and other health complications. To limit the risk of these problems, you will want to test your water's quality at least twice a year. While this may sound inconvenient, there are simple home-based tests that you can do to help you quickly determine whether your home's water is safe for use.

What Is Causing the Pump to Excessively Start and Stop?

There might come a day when you notice that your pump is starting and stopping almost constantly. Sadly, this problem is often an indication of an issue with the electrical system or pressure sensors. Due to the complexity of these systems and the risk of suffering electrical shock, you should always leave repairing these issues to trained professionals.

Making sure that your home's well pump is working correctly is critical for providing your home with water. By making sure that you are well-informed about these systems, you can limit disruptions to your home's water supply. More precisely, appreciating the possible causes for low water pressure, the need to regularly test the water quality and the causes of the pump excessively starting and stopping will allow you to be better prepared to own one of these systems.

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