As You Design A Fabrication Project, Consider These Issues

Posted on: 11 May 2017

Growing your company can sometimes include the opportunity to begin using custom metal pieces that are designed by your own team. These custom pieces can better suit your existing products, give you ideas for new products, and provide you with greater control over what you provide to customers. As you design pieces for each project, it's smart to consider these issues along the way so that you're completely satisfied with the finished pieces and can use them for your work.

Metal Type

Even if you've been using metal pieces in the past, you have probably used those recommended by the vendor or company you were working with. When you design your own pieces, it may be worth thinking about whether you should be using another metal. For instance, using stainless steel might not be necessary if your pieces will be internal components; you might instead opt to save money and use a type of cold rolled steel instead.

Required Finishes

It's important to remember that fabricated pieces aren't always finished when they're created. Finishes can help the metal pieces to last longer, look more attractive, and withstand heat, along with additional benefits, depending on the finish you select. For example, finishing each piece with metal plating can help your pieces fight corrosion. However, if you plan to use finishes, you've got to make extra time in your schedule so that they'll be finished when you need to use them for a project.

Fabrication Shop Feedback

Another suggestion that can help give you a better product that will serve your needs is to talk directly with the staff at the fabrication shop you want to use. They can often offer valuable feedback due to their experience with these kinds of projects. You might, for instance, ask if the finish you're considering is the best for what you plan to use the pieces for. You can also ask them to double-check clearances and to review the overall design to see if they have ideas that would be beneficial. Of course, you are not obligated to use the feedback you're given, but in many cases you may discover that their opinions can be of great help.

With all this information, you should have the knowledge you need to successfully order and produce custom pieces from a fabrication facility. You may consider visiting multiple facilities to see which could be the perfect match. Talk to fabricators like Cincinnati Ventilating Company Inc for more information.