Oil Mist A Problem In Your Shop? Get An Air Filter

Posted on: 11 August 2017

Machine shops are an important part of the economy because they create a wide range of great tools. Unfortunately, workers in these shops often get exposed to high levels of a substance known as oil mist. Thankfully, they can be protected by high-quality air filters.

Oil Mist Is A Dangerous Substance

A wide number of machine shops often suffer from a high contamination of airborne oil mist. This mist comes from a wide variety of items and can be very hard to detect. When this oil hangs in the air, it can be inhaled by those in the shop. An estimated one million people are exposed to this oil mist in their workplace. That is a serious problem that has lead to severe health diseases.

For example, it is found that oil mist can cause dermatitis, respiratory problems, malignant and benign tumors, and many other health problems. The sad thing is that these problems don't have to occur because high-quality air filters can eliminate the danger.

Air Filters Can Protect Workers

A good air filter for oil mist is typically called an oil mist collector. These items aren't always installed in machine shops. However, they can be a major protecting agent in a shop with a malfunctioning or struggling machine. For example, one study found that air filters of this type could decrease oil mist from 2.0 milligrams in the air to about 0.37 milligrams.

That is a nearly 99 percent drop that is highly beneficial to workers in a machine shop. In fact, it is found that a fully operating and well-maintained oil mist collector may be able to drop that count to as little as 0.2 milligrams. This decrease makes a machine shop a safer and healthier place for a larger number of people to work.

Other Benefits They Offer

An air filter that collects oil mist in a workshop doesn't just protect workers. It also helps provide a variety of other benefits that make them an essential item. For example, a good oil mist collector can actually take this liquid oil and pump it back into the machine from which it escaped. As a result, a shop can decrease its coolant costs almost exponentially.

Even better, it can also help to increase the operation of the machine and avoid serious problems. Regularly cleaning this type of air filter helps keep the machine from running too hot and protects it from serious mechanical failure. As a result, a growing number of people are installing these machines in their shops. They can be found at a variety of different industrial product providers, such as Kruman Equipment Company.