Using Structural Steel To Create Your BBQ Area: Benefits Of Use

Posted on: 10 September 2017

Structural steel is used to make structures stronger and make them last longer. If you are going to build a brick BBQ area outside, consider using structural steel in its construction. Here are some benefits to doing so.

Structural Steel Will Make the Surrounding Bricks Architecturally Beautiful

Bricks can be rather boring if you just build things with a very square appearance. However, structural steel can be bent and shaped in ways that will allow you to build rounded arches and other shapes. Whether you thread the steel through the bricks and then fill with mortar, or you use the steel as arch support, you will get a one-of-a-kind BBQ pit for your backyard.

Structural Steel Conducts and Holds Heat

How perfect is that fact for a BBQ area? Some meats just need hotter temperatures, but you can never seem to get that grilling out in the open. Creating a BBQ pit and using steel to help means that you will enclose more heat, and the steel (if slightly exposed) will conduct that heat like a convection oven. More heat equals better cooking and faster cooking times.

Structural Steel Means You Will Never Have to Rebuild Your BBQ Pit

You may have to patch a bit of the mortar on the bricks in about twenty or thirty years, but the steel will keep the bricks and your BBQ pit standing for years to come. No matter what hits it, it will be unshakable, unfloodable, and relatively undamaged by any natural disaster you can think of. That is worth the investment of the steel itself.

Not Sure How to Build with the Steel? Ask a Contractor!

If you are unsure how to construct a brick BBQ pit area using structural steel either as support or as a framework, hire a contractor service, like Corsetti Structural Steel Inc, who knows. They should have experience building BBQ pits like the one you are thinking of. Provide the best possible photo or design of the pit, and then make the decision how the steel will be used.

The steel may be shaped on the spot, if the contractor has a welder on payroll. It may also be special-ordered to fit your project, but that may cost you extra. Weigh your decision carefully, so that the contractor can build your BBQ pit to your specifications. Always directly communicate with the contractor so that his/her crew is doing exactly what you would expect to complete the job.