4 Reasons To Choose Thinner Film Cores When Manufacturing

Posted on: 16 October 2017

If you manufacture plastic or other products that are put on a film core, you may want to look into buying thinner film cores to use. In many cases, you can put the same amount of product on a thinner film core. In these situations, opting for the thinner film core can be a good idea for a few reasons, such as:

1. Reduce Costs

In general, thinner film cores are often less expensive than thicker film cores. Even though the difference might not be too significant when you compare the cost of one roll, even a minor price difference can make a huge difference when you are buying film cores in bulk. Therefore, opting for thinner film cores when possible might save your company a lot of money.

2. Speed Up Winding Times

Whether it's done by hand or with a winding machine, you can wind up the product on thinner rolls faster than on thicker rolls. This can shave a little bit of time off of the manufacturing of each roll, which can add up and can make a big difference in how much time it takes to produce your products. Making these changes can be a good way to meet your production goals and to get more products made in less time.

3. Reduce Packaging

With thinner film cores, the end roll will be smaller, even if it has the same amount of product on it. This means that if you wrap up the rolls, you will not need quite as much plastic to do so. Again, after wrapping a lot of film cores, this can make a difference in how much product you use and how much your company spends.

4. Make Better Use of Your Storage Space

Thinner rolls do not take up as much space. This means that you can fit more rolls in a small space, allowing you to make the most out of the storage space that is available for you. It can also help you fit more rolls into one box of the same size, which can help you save storage space both when storing your products and when shipping them. Your customers might also appreciate that your rolls take up the minimum amount of space when they have to store them as well.

As you can see, even though it might not always be the best option, it is often a good idea to use thinner film cores when you are manufacturing than thicker, larger ones. Of course, this will depend on the products that you are making and what they are being used for, but if possible, it can be something to look into for these four reasons and more.

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