Did You Hear That? Why Evaluating Harmonics Can Make Or Literally Break Your Project

Posted on: 25 November 2017

Any engineering project has to be inspected thoroughly for flaws that could make it break down or harm people or the environment in some way. This includes evaluating all of the parts and the operation for harmonics, including resonant frequency. Ignoring harmonics or checking out only one form of resonance means that your project could end up failing spectacularly. This is one area where you should not skimp because harmonics, especially if you have a harmonic that matches the item's resonant frequency, can cause your project to literally break.

Harmonics Are More Than Theory

Power, sound, and mechanical movement can all create harmonics, multiples of the frequency at which something is being transmitted. Electrical currents, sound waves, vibrations from machinery moving, they can all create additional frequencies that cause other similar components to vibrate.

Not only does that shake loose screws and bolts and move unsecured items, it can break items if one of those harmonics matches the resonant frequency of those items. It might not cause an explosion, but even one part coming loose can ruin machinery. Sound, too, is an issue because acoustic resonance can create amplified sound, and that's a danger to operators who aren't wearing appropriate hearing protection.

Voltage harmonics, too, can create surges that damage delicate wiring. There could be a risk of fire, depending on what part is experiencing the surge. Given the problems that harmonics can create, it is essential that all types of harmonics be evaluated while you are testing your project.

Keep in mind that this does not mean simply turning on the machinery and seeing what happens. You can't see voltage, after all, and it is possible that the machine would need to run a while before major problems occurred. An engineering firm that specializes in harmonic studies can look at all aspects of the project and see if there are questionable events that need to be addressed.

If you really want to give your project a great chance of succeeding, these engineering firms can also handle other aspects of the work including planning, supply provision, construction, and more. You may benefit from teaming up with an engineering firm so that both your workers and the firm's workers collaborate on each step.

Do not let some simple waves trash your hard work. Ensure all harmonic issues have been solved to your satisfaction with the help of an engineering services company, like East Coast Engineering Inc .