Run A Machine Shop? 4 Tips To Help Ensure Safety In The Workplace

Posted on: 14 December 2017

If you run a warehouse, and your employees provide CNC machining services, safety should be your main concern. Any work that involves machinery can be dangerous, even fatal, especially if the work environment isn't geared towards safety first. To ensure that you're running a safe work environment for your employees, here are four safety tips that you should follow.

Give Your Employees Proper Training

When it comes to running a safe work environment, proper training is essential. Not only do you need to train your employees on the proper operating procedures for the machining equipment they'll be using, but you also need to train them to identify potential hazards around them. This should include training your employees in the proper way to identify safety hazards around the warehouse.

Ensure Your Employees are Dressed for Safety

If you've been running a loose-ship where it comes to employee dress standards, you may be inviting workplace injuries. One of the most important things you can do is ensure that your employees are dressed for safety. This is particularly important when your employees aren't familiar with the proper way to dress when working with CNC machining equipment. To protect your employees, and improve the safety of the work environment, it's important that you enforce a strict dress code, especially as it pertains to safety. First, your employees should wear clothing that fits well, including pants and shirts.Loose-fitting clothing can get caught in the gears. They should also always wear steel-toed shoes, to prevent crushing injuries. Your employees should also be discouraged from wearing jewelry. Not only can jewelry get caught in the gears and lead to injuries, but metal jewelry can conduct electricity. Finally, if any of your employees have long hair, they should wear it in a pony tail.

Insist on Test Runs at the Start of Each Shift

When it comes to operating CNC machining equipment, you never know when a machine is going to malfunction. The best way to prevent malfunctions is to catch problems early. One way to do that is by insisting on test runs at the start of each shift. Your employees should turn their equipment on and take it for a test run each day. This will ensure that issues are caught in time to make the necessary repairs and adjustments. It's also important for your employees to know that they should turn their equipment off and move away at the first sign of a problem. Rapid response can help prevent injuries.

Conduct Monthly Safey Inspections

Finally, when your employees will be using CNC machining equipment, monthly safety inspections are an excellent way to stay on top of issues that could lead to work-related injuries. During your monthly safety inspections, you should inspect the equipment, the work areas, and your employees for safety issues relating to their clothing.

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