Types Of Rubber Products You Did Not Know You Could Purchase For Oil Well Work

Posted on: 19 March 2018

If you work in the oil drilling business, you usually think of metal tools. Metal drills, metal boring devices, metal pipes, metal rigs, etc., are all the typical items you know well and with which you work. If you have not been in this line of work long, you probably are not aware of the tools and products you can buy that are made of rubber. (Yes, molded oil tool rubbers and parts are the big thing now.) The following just provides a sampling of these tools and parts and the amazing things they can do.

Sucker Rod Guides

These rubber elastomer parts not only help guide boring tools and fasteners into the direct spots you want them to go, but the rubber in them also creates a suction seal. The sucker rod guides act as gaskets in places you did not even know you would need a gasket. That means that there is less of a chance of missing the right spot for boring through rock or thick mud and that the tools or fasteners will not slip and slide all over the place. Everything goes in and through, and the fasteners stay in place. 

Stripper Rubbers

It is somewhat of a strange name for a part that helps support a coiled tube that lines the walls of an oil well during repair work. When you consider the fact that the "stripper" itself is the coiled tube that prevents the crew from sliding all the way down into a slick-walled oil well, you start to understand. The coiled tube "strips" the well walls of their slipperiness. The stripper rubbers seal ends of the coiled tubing and form a tight gasket which refuses to allow anything in and/or out of the space that is under repair.

Packer Seals

Packers are a major part of the movement of oil along an oil line transport system. As the name suggests, the black, oily, greasy sludge that is raw oil is packed and pushed along by the packers. At different stages of the transport tubing, there is a need for a seal or gasket to prevent back-flow. That is where the packer seals come in. The rubber ones form much tighter seals than anything metal could ever do. Rubber also will not corrode or rust like metal, meaning that you can replace the seals less often. Various diameters of packer seals are available.

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