3 Different Types Of Gates For Your Driveway

Posted on: 29 March 2021

If you want to limit access to your driveway and most of your property is already fenced in, a gate is a great way to further control access to your property. When it comes to installing a gate on your property, you can add three main categories of gates to your home.

Vertical Gate

A vertical gate is unique in that it lifts towards the sky. This is a good solution if you have a limited amount of space to work with.

There are two different styles of vertical gates: liftgates and pivoted gates. The gate is automatically lifted vertically into the air with a lift gate when you activate the gate. The entire gate is lifted straight into the air, only taking up vertical space.

With a pivoted gate, the gate's side is lifted so that it points up to the sky. Pivot vertical gates require a little more room to work with than a vertical liftgate.

Swing Gate

A swing gate is designed to work as a regular door in your home. You can situate a swing gate so that it either swings outwards towards the street or so that it swings inward towards your home. If you choose for the gate to swing outward, you must have enough room to stop your vehicle far enough away for the gate to swing open. If the gate swings inward, you can get right up on the gate before opening it.

There are two different styles of swing gates: single swing gates or double swing gates. With a single swing gate, the gate will swing open either from the left or right side. With a double swing gate, the gate splits in two and swings open on both sides. A double swing gate doesn't require as much room to swing open as a single swing gate.

Sliding Gate

Finally, you can go with a sliding gate. With a sliding gate, the gate will slide open either left to right or right to let, depending on where you have the room for the gate to slide.

With sliding gates, there are a few different styles. A v-track sliding gate slides along a track with a v-shade configuration. A rear pipe gate works by utilizing two wheels, a rubber one and a v-track wheel, to operate the gate. A cantilever gate doesn't utilize wheels. Instead, the gate slides along a vertical post.

A gate can allow you ultimate control over who comes onto your property. The type of gate you install depends on your space and the visual aesthetic you are going for. Lift, swinging, and sliding gates are the three primary styles of gates found on the market.  

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