7 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Ornamental Iron Fencing

Posted on: 22 June 2021

Ornamental iron is commonly chosen as a material for fencing. If you are interested in using ornamental iron for a fencing application, there are numerous factors to keep in mind. 

The following are seven things to keep in mind when choosing ornamental iron for a fencing application. 


An iron fence needs to be properly maintained to stay in the best possible shape over time. Ornamental iron has some unique maintenance requirements that it's important to be aware of. 

Some key maintenance tasks when it comes to ornamental iron fences include performing routine inspections, greasing fence hinges, and re-welding any damaged components. If ornamental iron has been painted or coated, fresh coats will need to be applied periodically to maintain appearances. 


It's important to set a budget for ornamental iron fencing projects and to be aware of how much such fencing is likely to cost. As a general rule, ornamental iron fencing costs an average of $30 per foot. Costs will therefore vary significantly depending on how much ground the ornamental iron fence has to cover. 


When planning the dimensions and layout of ornamental iron fencing, it's important to be aware of property boundaries. An ornamental iron fence should complement the landscaping of a property while also establishing borders. 

Corrosion prevention

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to ornamental iron is corrosion. Fortunately, certain measures can be taken to minimize the chances that corrosion will develop on iron fencing. One of the best things to do to prevent corrosion problems is to invest in iron with an anti-corrosion coating. 


Ornamental iron fencing comes in a wide variety of different design options. Some ornamental iron fence designs can be highly intricate while others are more simple and functional. It's important to explore available designs and to consider the needed height for the fence in question.

It's also important to consider other design factors including gate placement and incorporation of other materials such as wood or stone components into an ornamental iron fence design. 


It's important to schedule the installation of an ornamental iron fence carefully to maximize efficiency and minimize labor costs. It's also important to research any permit needs in preparation for installation because permits are required for ornamental iron fence installation in some municipalities. 


If privacy is the main goal in constructing an ornamental iron fence, it's important to consider this when selecting an ornamental iron product. 

For privacy, fencing can include iron bars that are spaced close together. Otherwise, landscaping components such as shrubbery can be included behind or in front of fencing to increase privacy. 

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