How Can Smart Pallets Protect Your Food Products?

Posted on: 17 December 2021

If you're worried about the condition of your perishable goods before, during, and after shipping, look into smart pallets soon. Some goods, such as dairy products, meat, and produce, require specific conditions to maintain freshness. But high humidity and fluctuating temperatures can ruin your goods before they reach their destinations. Learn how smart pallets work and why you need them below.

How Do Smart Pallets Keep Goods Fresh?

Pallets make it easier for companies to move their goods through their supply chains. However, traditional pallets lack the technology to monitor the condition of goods. Smart pallets not only contain the technology to monitor the condition of goods, they also keep goods free from spoilage throughout the supply chain.

Smart pallets come integrated with unique sensors that monitor and record the indoor temperature and air quality of different environments, including walk-in freezers and refrigerated transport trucks. Freezers or trucks that don't maintain the right temperatures can allow bacteria, mold, and other organisms to spoil your goods. You may lose money if your buyers, clients, or customers reject your goods because of spoilage.

Smart pallet sensors can also do many other things, including calculating the weight of your products and detecting the location of your products. If you want to reap the benefits of using smart pallets for your goods, set up your pallet system today.

How Do You Choose Your Smart Pallets?

The first step to choosing the right smart pallets is to consult a company that specializes in them. A company should not only provide the pallets you need for your products but should also provide the means to monitor and regulate your pallets. The pallets should come with an in-house tracker system you can use to keep track of every shipment you produce or send out to customers.

Also, choose pallets that work well for multiple products. For example, if you produce frozen dairy and frozen meats, choose pallets that can monitor both types of goods. You can always program your pallet sensors to monitor the temperatures of both goods based on their needs.

Finally, ask a company for tips or assistance on how to develop an automated pallet management system for your needs. An automated pallet management system makes it easier for you to order the pallets you need in the future as well as maintain the pallets you purchase today. A company can discuss the best automated pallet management systems for your specific industry after you contact them.

Learn how smart pallets can protect your perishable goods by contacting a company today.